Here’s what you can expect when you are booking in & dropping off your boat

We will then give you a booking date. Once you’ve received confirmation of your booking date from us, you can drop off boat the afternoon before your booking date appointment. Preferrably between 08:30 am and 09:00 am the day of your appointment.

We'll Need your First and Last Name.


We will need a way to contact you. Include one or two phone numbers by which to reach you to notify you when the work is complete.


Please include the type , make and model of the boat your are booking in and dropping off.


Here's where you supply one or two phone numbers we can reach you. At this point, you can tell us which method is best to reach you by. Email or Phone.

Contact We will need

Also include all serial numbers and models numbers for everything we will be working on.


When You Drop Off

Come into the office and let us know you are here and we will get someone to come out with you and go over the work to be done , we will then ask you to sign for the work to be done and go over the list to ensure that all your needs are met.

Work being performed

If when the mechanic is working on your boat & notices other problems that should be addressed ,we give you a call and go over them with you .We will then get your approval to perform the repairs or note that you wish to deal with this at a later date.

Pick Up

We will give you a call when the work is complete and when you come to pick up come into the office and we will get the mechanic to come and go over the repairs done and recommended.

We will always show you used parts that have been replaced and answer any questions you have. Then there is the matter of paying the bill.

We will always come out with you and help you hook up you boat.