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Dri-Z-Air crystals & unit

Use Dri-Z-Air dehumidifier products to safely remove and absorb excess moisture and musty smells from the air. Dri-Z-Air helps maintain woodwork and items in your home, boat, RV, garage, closets, and storage units.

Dri-Z-Air dehumidifier products help prevent  condensation,  mold and mildew from forming in areas  that may be susceptible to dampness and moisture, such as items in storage or your window sills.

Dri-Z-Air proactively  removes and absorbs excess moisture from the air and protects your belongings from damage caused by moisture.  The crystals in the Dri-Z-Air dehumidifier container do the magic of absorbing the moisture from the air easily, quietly and conveniently.

Refills available in 13 oz , 60 oz & 160 oz

REFILL $4.99 UNIT/CRYSTALS $19.99 JUG $29.99 60 OZ $13.99
dri-z-air , unit , refill

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