Dean Hankins


Born and raised in the Cowichan Valley. 

Dean Has been in the marine trade for 35 years. Starting out in Cowichan Bay. Over the years he has worked in Vancouver, Port Alberni and Parksville. Then he started his own home based business in 1999. After 13 yrs at home we expanded & moved to our current location. Taking on 4 mechanics and a mercury dealership.

You will find Dean wherever he is needed during the day. He may be helping the boys, busy at his desk doing estimates, sourcing parts, troubleshooting jobs, finding answers to the never ending supply of questions. Dean is always happy to answer questions and give his well acquired advice.

Karen Hankins

office manager

Raised in the Cowichan Valley.

You will find me most days in the office answering phones, booking in customers, ordering parts or god knows what. But don’t ask me mechanical questions, at that point I will be more than happy to get one of our qualified mechanics to get all your questions answered and your concerns addressed. Then I will be happy to get your repairs booked in.

Dean and I have known each other since we were children and have been together going on 16 years, he never hesitates to teach me more about the business if he could he would have a wrench in my hand most days.
I think we have a great team here and welcome you to come in and get to know us.

Rachel Hellemond

certified bookkeeper

I am a BC girl through and through, raised in the Fraser Valley and now living in the beautiful Cowichan Valley with my husband and 2 boys. 

Most of my professional life has been in front-line customer service, so a few years ago I changed things up drastically  and started learning about the ‘behind the scenes’ of business by obtaining my Bookkeeping Certificate from Okanagan College, which now has me sitting most of the time with my back to the customer!

As a true born extrovert, I can’t get through the day without interacting with people in some way, so you will still see me in the shop making conversation and having fun with our team and our great customers.

I love being part of the Dean’s Marine family and a local business in the Cowichan Valley. Don’t hesitate to make me turn around and say ”hi” when you stop by!

Nicholle Duce


Hello, my name is Nicholle and I was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley.

I was born with the love of boats, oceans, and exploring is in my blood and I feel lucky and privileged to have been raised in such a beautiful place that offers all those things at my fingertips.

Some of you may remember me from working at Deans Marine as an Office Administrator and leaving to raise my little boy Cohen 4 years ago. Those years were well invested in not only raising my son, but also working in the healthcare industry.

Well, I just couldn’t stay away and I have now returned to be the parts person. Taking a giant leap into what feels like an unknown world from the one I am used to is both challenging and exciting. I am looking forward to helping you out with all your parts needs and learning along the way.

Danielle Forrest


Hello my name is Danielle ,

I started working in the marine industry at 19 for a company in Nanaimo called The Harbour Chandler. Where I worked on and off for 17 years that’s where my experience and knowledge began to grow through working with them.

I was born and raised in Nanaimo. I have always had a love for the ocean and our beautiful Island. I am starting a new adventure now with Deans Marine and will be setting up our new showroom with all the products you need for your boat. Stop in and say Hi and if you have any suggestions on an item you would like to see in the store, please let me know.

I look forward to meeting all customers in the area and I am sure ill see some familiar ones from my previous job.


Kyle McMahon

yard person

Hi! My name is Kyle. 

I was born in Duncan and have grown to the age of Fourteen in the Cowichan Valley. I am currently in grade 9 at Quamichan Middle School. Due to COVID-19 and there being no school, I decided to find a Job. There was no better fit than Deans Marine where my uncle Terence worked. 

So I approached Deans Marine Ltd., about the chance of working there and they told me to bring down a resume. 

So here I am at Deans Marine and enjoying it. Marine Mechanics is something that I am very interested in. 

Thanks Dean and Karen for the opportunity to have my first real job.

Andrew Cornett


Hi! My name is Andrew. 

I was raised in the Cowichan Valley. I guess you can say that I first started ‘Wrenching’ when I was 15 and in school. I was drawn to the automotive industry right after high school. I gained experience as an auto mechanic and I was able to transfer some of those skills towards getting to work at Monty’s Marine. 

Working on marine equipment gave me a glimpse into a new industry that I enjoyed so much that I signed up for a 4 year course at BCIT to become a marine mechanic technician. 

Karen had heard of my ambition and reached out to me to offer me an apprentice position. I knew it was an amazing opportunity and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. So, I jumped right on the offer and now I am going to be starting as a level 1 apprentice and I’m on my way to BCIT. 

Thanks to Dean & Karen of Dean’s Marine. 



Level 1 Apprentice

Coltan Whiteside


Hi! My name is Coltan. 

I was born and raised in Nanaimo but spent lots of time in Bamfield as well. I grew up getting to fish with my family and that drew me to working on boats at a young age. At the age of 13 I decided to move to Bamfield for my summers to work on boats full-time to start my marine career.

When I got older I decided I wanted to go to school to pursue my career as a Marine Mechanical Technician. After finishing my first year of schooling I decided I wanted to stay in Nanaimo to be closer to home.

I came to Deans Marine seeking employment and am pleased to be in this position to continue my career and complete my apprenticeship. I will be continuing my education by starting my 2nd year for Maine Mechanical Technician this January.

I am thankful to Dean and Karen for this opportunity. 


Marine Mechanic Apprentice


Welcoming committee

Hi! My name is Abi and I was born in Abbotsford on Feb 2019.

I am a Rotti, Mastiff, Swift mountain dog. I am very friendly and my Dad says sometimes too friendly. 

I am very thankful to be a Deans Marine shop dog. I love to greet people at the door and I get very excited when I see kids.

Now that this covid thing is almost over and we have a bigger showroom I am learning to not jump on you. (Sometimes I forget 🐶)

I love my new brother Jimmy. Somedays we play so hard that we just sleep when we get home and my vet says I have to lose a bit of weight so I’m pretty sure playing with my brother will help.

If you have a cookie for me I will be very gentle when taking it but my Mom says I have to sit first. 


Welcoming committee

Hi, my name is Jimmy.

I’m a 1.5 yr old Labrador cross.  I was surrendered to the farm in Victoria & foster homed for a few weeks by a very nice family. Even though my foster family Beagle did not like me sharing the attention, I stayed there until I found my forever family on July 25th of 2021.

It sure is a crazy story about the day we met…

We had a meet and greet in a big fenced field and my soon to be Human parents didn’t know if I was a boy or a girl or what my name was … just that I was a very lovable black labrador cross. 

When they got to the park I barked a little at them until they brought Abi (my new sister) out. We got along right away. When they asked my name my foster mom told them my name –  Jimmy & my new mom (Karen) started to cry and we were all very confused at first. Until she knelt down & hugged me with tears in her eyes. As fate would have it, it was the 25th anniversary of her dad’s death and his birthday on that very day & you guessed it his name was also Jimmy!!!

So, this family was meant to be mine.

I really enjoy going to work with my forever family. They bring me to work every day. I am learning to not bark at new people, but this might take some time. 

I do have a wheat allergy so please don’t bring me treats.

My mom has fresh carrots or salmon treats which she will share with you if you ask.

Looking forward to greeting everyone as they come in.


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