Over the next 10 years there will be an estimated 600,000 baby boomers retiring across Canada. Let’s say out of 50,000 or more, how many will buy a boat? How many will need to have those boats repaired or maintained during the span of that vessel’s use.  Who is going to do perform all these services? In case you haven’t thought of it yet, yes, there will be a great demand for marine mechanics. If you are interested in learning more, have a look at these sites. 


We do strongly suggest a marine and mechanical survey when buying a used boat. A marine survey is not just for piece of mind but it also serves as a training tool for new and avid boaters. Our most simplified guidance on this very important topic can be summarized in just three points. First, you should hire a professional based on reputation and referral. Second, from setup to reading the report, don’t rush the process. Lastly, make yourself available to attend the inspection.  This way you are best informed on what you will be cruising the waters with.

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